Tuesday, February 21, 2012

It's been FOREVVVEEER since we posted anything here on the blog....
Let's see, we made it through the holidays and all of the fun custom orders
here are a few of our favorites!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Custom Zombie Super Savings!!!

It's our favorite time of year here at Grimmleigh's Labs and our Kinda-Anniversary, our THIRD Halloween making Grimmleighs!  To Celebrate and say Thank You to all of our fans/collectors/friends, we are offering a Super Special Savings Spectacular (try saying that with a lisp!)  on our CUSTOM Zombie Grimmleighs!

Now through the 25th of October, you can get your very own CUSTOM Zombie for just $30!! (with delivery for Halloween)
That's a $10 savings on a Grimmleigh with a likeness.  YOU get to choose the outfit, Hair-Do and have the face of your choice.  You choose how gross you want it to be too.   It's all up to YOU!  YAY!

Check out some of our Custom Zombies below and order yours today!  You can email us grimmleighsfiends@yahoo.com OR order RIGHT ON our NEW  FB page storefront!  

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Grimmleigh Season! Zombie Season! Grimmleigh Season! Zombie Season!

How much do we love Autumn? Let us count the ways!

1: The temperatures are cooler, we don't have to wear clothes! Worgies do not understand the human need for clothing anyway, but are compelled to wear pants when it is hot outside. Don't ask! It's a monster thing!

2: The trees are about to change color! While mere human eyes might delight to the color show, imagine what all of that looks like to a Cyke Tyke? Even better, imagine what that looks like to Cyke Tyke Mike? While on a hike? Or on a Trike!

3: Curly Hair is Cool Again! Zombies with curly hair suffer all summer. It's bad enough having an insatiable hunger for brainy snacks; the curly-headed undead have to deal with thick mattes of sweat producing hair, too!

Craving more? We'll be posting more pics and information in the coming weeks about our favorite time of year! If you would like us to show off some of what YOU love about the Autumn, send us a message! If you have a craft project that you would like to show off, we would love to help!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Zombies Zombies Zombies

We just submitted our Grimmleigh's to be part of an exhibit at the Gray Wall Gallery here in SLC.  It's pretty exciting to think about being in a "legitimate" gallery...especially when you take into consideration that the exhibit has a theme that's right up our alley....ZOMBIES!!!
Here are some of our favorite zombies that we've made so far! Just in time for Halloween (it's closer than you think!!)  it's a Zombie RECAP!

 Lucinda the Fire Eyed Demon Zombie
 Jimmy Mike the Redneck Zombie
 Nudie Zombie!!!

 Ginger Zombies!!!

 This one reminds me of the Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou
 One of our most recent zombies!  The Missionary from HECK!
Zombie Firl on a hippo anyone?
aaaand our "deluxe" GIANT zombie  at almost a foot tall!!! (at last year's Zombie Walk) 

Thanks for checking out our zombie recap!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


In the late 1980's, I was introduced to Zelda. I was admit-ably fond of Zelda instantly; she was graceful, charming, and made great cookies. I also found Legend of Zelda that year on the SNES, which was also charming, but made pretty kucky cookies.

Zelda the first is the esteemed Mrs. Vice, mother of two of the finest friends I have ever had. If you ever get the chance to meet her, you too will be bowled over by her gracious kindness, and her unflappable good will towards anyone she comes across, stranger or not. When I met Zelda, I was a dirty-rotten punk rock kid. I had gone with my friend Scott to visit his twin brother Jeff, who was home with Zelda for the weekend from college. Zelda whisked us all in the door, punk rock and all, and offered us cookies. That, my friends, is an awesome mom!

That may be why anything Zelda related finds a warm spot in my heart. Sure, this is a post about a Link doll we made for Candice, but anytime ANYTHING Zelda comes up, I automatically think of the woman that brought up my friends, and memories of simple acceptance and tasty baked goods fill my head. We should all be so lucky to meet people like her in our lifetimes!

Candice ordered Link for her son's birthday, and was pretty specific about WHAT Link she wanted, and what kind of gear Link was supposed to have. We like Candice's custom orders! She always finds a new challenge, and the Link was no exception! Sure, we've done Grimmleighs with weapons, but a shield? From Ocarina of Time? That's something new altogether!

The final project turned out pretty cool! Here is Link in all his glory , Master Sword at the ready!

We meet a lot of great people every week, people who work hard, play hard, love their families, and try the best they can. And a lot of the time, they are pretty awesome moms. We don't think about it too terribly often, but it's funny how some of the little kindnesses that were extended to you early on can shape your life, or change the way you look at people. I don't think Mrs. Vice considered herself an Agent of Change when she offered a group of strange kids some fresh cookies 23 years ago. I'm pretty sure Candice doesn't consider herself one when she interacts with her kid's friends, either. That's just the kind of people they are... And we're all better off because of that.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Pink Problem

I have struggled with pink my entire life. It's not a color that I have ever gotten along with; as a child I used to tell people I was allergic to it. Well, and onions, too, but I love those now. Pink, on the other hand, has never quite grown on me. It is my least favorite hue. Fuchsia and I are homies, but pink? I would pass it on the highway if it had a flat tire. I would drive through a puddle while it was standing on the corner. I would buy every issue of it's favorite comic just so I could watch it cry. This isn't a Macho thing, either; I voluntarily watched the Notebook, for crying out loud!

So, what to do when you run a craft business that makes dolls? If you've been with us long enough, you know we haven't always had cute. The word itself wasn't even in my voluntary vocabulary until our kids were born. Our earliest monsters had a lot of creepy painted into them, and even our early Squidleighs bore a bit of menace. Rachel would hand me a pink body for a Worgie Monster, knowing full well that my irrational prejudice would kick in and produce something terrifying.

But then, kids started liking our dolls.

And some kids like cute.

Baby Squidleighs were a direct answer to that situation. Our daughter, who was 9 at the time, pointed out that she would like what we do a hell of a lot more (she swears like her mother) if some of our dolls were cute. We made some Baby Squidleighs, she exploded with happiness, and the "Cute Period" of Grimmleighs was launched. From that day on, we made sure there was some representation from the cute camp at every show.

That's all well and good, but I still had a problem with pink. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't make something cute out of a pink doll. Four eyed drool monster? Sure. Pink fuzzy bunny? Don't make me pull this car over, buddy!

Well, we are coming up on our third show show at Craft Lake City this Saturday. Even though we were operating as Grimmleighs for a few months before the first CLC in 2009, we consider consider Craft Lake to be our real anniversary; that was the first time we realized that we could actually make a business out of our passion for yarn and paint. I decided to challenge myself to commemorate this event, and asked Rachel to make a blank body. A pink body. A pink bunny body.

Yeah, the cute challenge was on. I needed to prove to myself that pink was not evil, that I could indeed paint something cute in pink, and a bunny at that! A cute pink bunny, you say? Is the fabric of reality about to unravel, leaving us all dangling from the delicate strands of perception? Are the Old Ones about to shamble forth, freed for all Eternity to feast on our fragile sanity?

Decide for yourself. I give you Mopsy, the Pink Bunny of the Apocalypse!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Guest Blogger! Molly shows us some of her favorite local crafters at SLCitizen

SLCitizen is a great boutique at the beautiful downtown SLC library.  Owned by our dear friend Meg Griggs (who is also the driving force behind Craft Sabbath)  the shop is run as a co op, featuring all local artists & crafters.  With the shop-local movement becoming ever more important, it is a wonderful place to stop and shop for everything from all natural soap to hand crafted jewelry, and you know that 100% of the money earned is going directly to the craftspeople/artists!

Once every couple of weeks we watch the shop.  This last week our 11 year old had a great time "window shopping" and picking her favorite things.  (My mom and I used to play this game with catalogs ~ "if you had a $1,000 what would you buy?)  Here she is, our first "guest blogger" with her picks!

Note: many of the artists @ slcitizen also have etsy shops or webpages.  Molly is providing links where she can  but if you're local, be sure to stop by the shop!  SLCitizen will be having an official "grand re opening" shindig on the 30th, with sales throughout the store and an opportunity to meet some of the artists.  check their facebook for details and updates


Hi I'm Molly and here are some of my favorite items from SLCitizen.

One of my favorite shops: BabyGgear! Ruthann at babyggear makes awesome sock monsters, baby onsies, and hats. Featured item: Owl hat! Made from re-purposed sweaters, these hats definitely hit in my top 23 items at SLCitizen!

Another one of my favorite shops is Easily Amused! Dallas makes tons of neat stuff, including embroidery patterns, hair clips, t-shirts, and much more!

Featured: hand embroidered strawberry pillow, owl t-shirt, and pillow pal!!!

 I love her stuff because of her sense of color and style.

One of my other favorites: Sorry Clementine! Suzanne Clements takes old shirts and sweaters and other awesome fabrics, cuts them into pieces...
And makes awesome new clothes. yay!

 Featured item: medium Sorry Clementine tank top

Favorite seller: My mom and Dad!!!

 Grimmleighs (as you already know if you read this blog often) puts a slightly sinister twist on traditional amigurumi. First Rachel (my mom) crochets a one of a kind original body out of acrylic yarn and sews a blank cotton face panel on. Then, Leigh (my dad) paints a silly face onto it.

 Some are cute, some are scary, some are creepy. It all depends on what mood my dad is in!

 Another awesome shop: Peach Treats makes one of a kind polymer clay earrings for gauged ears or for fakers.  Most are like octopus tentacles, but some are just crazy loopy things. The ones for fakers are two pieces that have a plain stud back in between the two halves.  If I ever get my ears pierced I for sure want to get some of her earrings!

Another one of my faves is Carrie Poulsen of the Big Brown House. Carrie takes old wool sweaters and felts them. Then, she cuts them up and makes garlands, pillows and more.

featured item: felted pillow

Flytryss is another one of the crafters at SLCitizen. Aimee Clements (Sister of Suzanne Clements) makes lots of headbands, and she does pit bull rescue.
I chose this cupcake headband because I LOVE yummy cupcakes!
My "best-smelling" favorite is Chelsea @ SoaperHero.  I love her stuff because it all smells so good (like the one in the picture:  Cadburry Cream Egg!!!)  and she has super-cute packaging!  I also love her (not pictured) lipglosses, especially white chocolate which smells like an almond joy candy bar!

I'm not sure who makes this, but I love this yarn! So many different textures and colors, in a perfect blend of yummy 100% merino/alpaca wooly goodness. Can you not love this yarn?

My absolute favorite business: Mine! Molly's workshop is a collaborative effort between me myself and I. 

I make cat toys, pincushions, eyeglass cases monsters, and much much more! please check out my shop. Thank you